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NEW LIFE ERA is a Monthly Bilingual Medical Journal. The first issue was launched on 4th August 2010 in presence of Hn'able Minister Shri Laxmikant Sharma Ji ( for Technical Education & Training, Higher Education, Culture, Public Relation, Religious Trusts and Endowments ) & Shahar Qazi of Bhopal at Savnmaya Bhawan and many other distinguished guests.

The gathering was attended by several prominent Doctor's/Consultants/Medical professionals/Students etc. Renowned Homoeopathic Dr. Mohd. Zakariya is the Chief Editor and Publishers of New Life Era.

The journey of New Life started in the year 1952 by Dr. Mohd. Idris, Grand Father of Dr. M. Zakariya -with the opening of Homoeopathy Clinic, New Life Homoeo Clinic.

Dr. Mohd. Ilyas, son of Dr. Mohd. Idris - started the first Homoeopathic Store of Bhopal in the name of New Life Homoeo Store in the year 1965 , as on date we have five Stores and continuing the Journey with New Life Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1999.

Slowly but steadily the growth started, at present the Product of New Life Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. enjoys a very good Market Presence in the India as well as a few countries abroad.

Under New Life Educational Society, we have started a chain of clinics in and around Bhopal, with aim to give practical experience to upcoming Homoeopathy Doctor's and to give and popularize Homoeopathy amongst common people by giving Homoeopathy treatment with affordable charges.

The ultimate aim of launching the New Life Era Medical Journal is to popularize Homoeopathy and its advantage to all and to bring awareness regarding the advantage of Homoepathy treatment.

New LIfe Era gives information on new developments/experiments/research work going on in and around the world for the betterment of Homoeopathy. Initially the circulation was not much but gradually it has started picking up and now has become a most popular Homoeopathic Medical Journal of India.

The popularity of New Life Era gained momentum by conducting and participating in various Homoeopathy Seminars frequently and inviting many distinguished personalities from Health Ministry/AYUSH Department/Principals, Lecturers from Homoeopathic Medical Colleges besides many prominent Doctor's students, general public and the journey for the noble purpose is still continuing.