Is bleeding from your gums,
Know what is lacking IN YOUR BODY

(क्या आपके मसूड़ों से खून आ रहा है
पता है किस चीज़ की कमी है )

Vitamin ‘’C’’ (Ascorbic Acid)


Also known as Ascorbic Acid it is water Soluble it is one of AntioXidant protect Cholestrol
Vitamin C needed for growth & Repair of Tissue in all part of the Body,
It form important protein used to make skin, tendon, ligaments
Heal wound & scar tissue

Help to Absorption of iron & prevent Scurvy
Collagen & Neurotransmitter Synthesis
Promotes healthy immune System
IT is highly effective in Colorectal Cancer


Sources - Vitamin C Found in Citrus Fruits like Oranges, Amla, lemon (Nimbu)


Deficiency - Scurvy - Bleeding Gums because not proper iron Absorption so bleeding gums & teeth loss

Roughly, Dry Skin
Hair- Splitting Hair
Spoon-Shaped Fingernails with Red Spots or Lines
Slowly or Delay healing wound
Painful Swollen Joint
Weak bones
Poor immunity Iron deficiency Anemia
Easily fatigue & poor mood
Unexplained weight gain

Treatment - Supplement eating fruits which have vitamin C